Conditioning Spa



Welcome to The Conditioning Spa! The Conditioning Spa Health and Fitness Center has been providing exciting, quality fitness programs and health services since 1971. Our full service health club facilities provide the Greeley, CO area with a superior experience. Our website is specially designed to inform you of our amenities and services we offer our members, as well as providing information about our staff and how to contact us with feedback or recommendations for an improved experience every time you visit The Spa.

Whether you are looking for an intense training session, or a more low-key midday workout, The Spa can cater to your exercise regimen no matter what it may be. Our fully trained and professional staff are here to assist you every step of the way, and our wide variety of health and fitness equipment will give you plenty of time and opportunities to try one or all of our personally tailored training classes while still always use of our extensive equipment.

Our staff here at The Spa are always on hand to provide a friendly, helping hand and create a motivating and energizing environment to make you feel as comfortable as you can be during your workout. If a class atmosphere is more your style than solo work outs, we have a wide range of regularly scheduled fitness classes and exercise programs for our members, led by confident and motivating instructors who love the work out just as much as you do!